Jim Reviews the Best Air Compressors for Home Use

I love working with my hands and as a result, I do own a few  tools to my name. I started long ago when I was a kid and I would spend most of my free time in our basement, so much such that my mom, god bless her soul used to say that all work and no play makes Jim a dull boy. Well, she should see me now, the dull boy. There is nothing dull about my life. I love what I do.

For the past decade, I have been running my own home improvement company. I get hired by people to do all sorts of repairs for them. Thus, I have gathered an impressive collection of tools. These include a couple of air compressors which among other things help me with my Brad nailer, spray painting and painting brush, among many duties.

So if asked, what air compressors would I recommend for home use? If it is not for professional use, I would suggest you go for something small, compact and very functional. Many people think that just because it is for their home use, the air compressor should be a ragtag from some unknown brand name, one that no one remembers. Well, they can’t be any wrong. If it will cost you money, it had better give you good value for it. Thus, I would advise you to avoid the air compressors that are too cheap.

Many have sacrificed quality for price. I made the same mistakes sometimes back and I ended up going back to the market sooner to look for tools. Do not buy before visiting a website that offers air compressor reviews. There, you can always find out what other users think about a few brand names that you may have in mind.

Here are three air compressor reviews you may want to buy

Hausbell Air Compressor

I bought this one for inflating my tires alone. I have so far found it very effective. It is small, yes, but it also has some very impressive features. For example, it is a DC12V inflator meaning that you just need to connect it to your car’s socket and it will do a perfect job of inflating your tires. It also comes with a 9 foot power cord, which will be sufficient for many small trucks and cars.

In addition, it has three nozzle types because tires come with differently sized nozzles. This is quite frankly the most hassle-free tire inflator that you can ever buy for your home use. I use it for other things like inflating my children’s toys, balls, bikes and when we are going camping, I never leave it behind as I have found it very effective at inflating our air beds. I was not surprised to find that many people know this air compressor on aircompressors.reviews.

Senco PC1131 Compressor, 2.5-Horsepower (PEAK) 4.3-Gallon

This is a small but very impressive 2.5 HP air compressor that has a pressure tank of 4.3 gallons. This means when you are performing small duties at home like inflating toys, inflating your car and bicycle tires, you can do some work before you give it a rest.

While it looks small, this air compressor is used by professionals for finishing jobs. Its powerful direct drive motor makes it quite the workhorse for light and medium heavy construction duties.

You can do a comfortable 4.4 SCFM/90PSI. When buying, it will be delivered with its coupler regulator – quarter inch. It is an oil splash design and works perfectly for many contractors. It is a twin tank, as you will see from the images when buying it online.

California Air Tools 10020C

This is a good looking air compressor, and on top of that, it does the job perfectly. It is rated at 2 horsepower, quieter than most other models in the market and it is oil free thus leaving the working area clean and lowering the maintenance costs. The air tank is quite big – at 10 gallons, but for easy movement, it has wheels. It can do a comfortable 5.30 CFM/90 PSI. It can deliver a comfortable 3000 hours before the first wear. It has a thermal overload protection feature to prevent overheating damage.

These are just three of the best air compressors you can buy for your home use if you are a DIY enthusiast. On this page, you will find everything you need to know about air compressors, their noise levels and performance.