Jim’s Best DIY Tips

My name is Jim. Among many things, I am a mechanic and I love repairing my car whenever I can. Many experienced and aspiring mechanics come to me every day for pieces of advice as far as mechanical works is concerned. I am also a home improvement do it yourself enthusiast and I do a lot of handyman work around my home. A couple of times, I have been hired to do a few things for my neighbors. Today, I have decided to present all mechanics with the best DIY tips that have made me save a lot of money.

Repairing a hole

When I want to repair any wide screw hole, I simply use a wooden golf tee to fill the hole in question. With a hacksaw, I saw the particular tee flush using a wood’s surface before sanding the same.

Find a key fast

To find a key within no time, I don’t have to look through the entire set. Instead, I identify the top of the key that I frequently use then I file a notch. That is simple, right? It makes my life easier.

Pinhole lens

To create a pinhole lens that I can see through and read a small type, I take a cardboard and punch the pinhole.

Best radio tunes

For a transistor radio to produce a high quality tone, I pump up the tunes using the jar. Placing the speaker of a radio on top of an open jar works wonders. In fact, this still works even today for smartphones.

Strengthen studs

When it is time to frame the walls, I do nail 2 by 4 blocking between the studs.  What provides powerful mounting bases for lower-level medicine cabinets are the boards. After installation, I make sure I have recorded all the positions.

Stop that door

It is very irritating when the door swings while I am working on its knob or lock hardware. To block it, I fit its edge by notching a wood in order to fit the door’s edge. To do be able to do so, I set the block of wood on a flat floor then I lodge the notch on the edge of the door before finally stepping on the wedge.

Use that broken broom

Whenever I have any broken handle, I turn it into a new useful tool. I usually shape a broken broomstick and sharpen its one end to turn it into an effective dibble that I can use to dig the holes for both seeds and bulbs. Furthermore, even any broken shovel will work very well provided it has a D-handle.

Give a treat to that chisel

My many years of experience have taught me that any blunt wood chisel cannot produce anything more than slipshod work. I conduct an occasional test for my chisel to check whether it is adequately sharp. If I realize it is dull, I put its cutting edge tenderly over the thumbnail’s top and if it slides instead of catching, then I know that my chisel need a manicure.

There, you have seen the things that I love doing. To make my DIY tasks easier, I have invested in a few important tools. One of them is a good air compressor which I use to power my air tools, inflate my children’s toys, balls, bicycles and of course, my car tires.

Why You Should Help Senior Citizens

I have traveled to many countries and states, and I have noted one thing. Today’s senior citizens of any country largely depend on volunteers to provide them with meaningful activities as well as programs especially for their residents. As a volunteer, I have become an important part of senior living communities. I offer my time, skills, part of my earnings and talent to every dimension of their lives.  

When I volunteer to help senior citizens, I know I am offering them a good chance for meaningful social interaction among themselves, with other volunteers and with me as well. What I am trying to say in many words is that volunteering improves my life and the life of residents. By giving senior adults the support and encouragement they need, I usually put a smile on their faces.  

Loneliness is one of the biggest challenges that senior citizens face today. When I sit down to chat with them, take them for a walk or offer any meaningful experience, I help in reducing their risk of suffering cardiovascular diseases, which are directly related to loneliness.

Helping senior citizens helps me in many ways. Among them include the following:

I gain by becoming more knowledgeable

More often than not, I sit down and chat with older adults. They share with me their life experiences, which are very different from those of my generation. In this way, I learn a lot from them. Listening to senior adults’ stories provide me with wisdom as well as insight for life. This offers me a different perspective for my own life circumstances.  

Adding to my job experience

I have gained valuable experience for my career by offering my free services among the senior adult communities. Organizing, coordinating and helping with things such as fundraising, organizing special events and many other daily activities for senior adults have really helped in improving my skills. This has made me a more productive person at work place.

Through constant interactions with senior living communities, I have developed valuable communication skills that help me a great deal in building good relationships with everyone else. For instance, my relationship with staff, family members and friends has greatly improved. For this reason, I have become an influential person and a very strong candidate especially in my field.

I make new friends

At first, I thought that I did not have anything in common with senior citizens. After sometimes, I found out that there are so many elderly people that we have so many things in common. Some of them are fans of my favorite Premier League soccer team, musicians and movies to mention but just a few. Such similar interests normally provide a good starting point for wonderful conversations, which sometimes lead to meaningful and lasting relationships.