Sweet coffee recipie

If you are a fan of sweet coffees you are sure to want to know how to make coffee with sweetened condensed milk recipe. The recipe is insanely simple and leaves you with delicious results that you are sure to be a fan. The coffee will be sweet, but not too sweet which is great for those who just want a hint of sweetness.

To prepare the coffee you should first gather your ingredients. The ingredients needed are ground coffee beans of any variety, sweetened condensed milk, water, and ice. To begin you should brew the coffee beans using your preferred method. Once the coffee has been brewed you should scoop two tablespoons into each coffee cup. You should then put your brewed coffee in the same cup and stir to dissolve the milk. To begin serving you should put ice in each cup to help chill the coffee. This makes the coffee even creamier.

This is a great coffee if you would like a sweet treat. We hope you like the recipe as much as we do!