Easy Home Remedies for a Skin Rash


Every once in awhile we may have an allergic reaction to something or become exposed to solutions or chemicals. When we have those experiences, sometimes a skin rash can form on our skin. A skin rash can sometimes turn red, become itchy or uncomfortable. In those cases, you should see a doctor, but if you have a mild rash that is just a little irritated, there are some home remedies you can use to get rid of skin rash.

One way to get rid of skin rash is to apply a cold compress. You can use a cold cloth or ice pack to soothe a rash. All you have to do is wrap an ice pack or put some ice cubes into a paper towel and hold it for 20 minutes on your skin rash. Then give your skin a little break for about an hour and apply the compress again.

We all know that oatmeal baths are known to take away the chicken pops and other itchy skin conditions. Oatmeal baths work because the oatmeal coats your skin when you bathe in it, and it has moisturizing properties because of the gluten in the oatmeal. This will help stop the itching and soothe your skin rash.

If you want to try some over the counter medications, calamine lotion will help sooth your skin rash. It can help calm your rash if you have been exposed to poison ivy, insect bites or poison oak. You can purchase calamine lotion at any drugstore.

Having a skin rash can be devasting, but these home remedies can help soothe your skin rash and will take the irritation away. If your skin rash continues to get worse over time, you should call your doctor.